House Dragon

House Dragon Is the house in charge of the Armed forces of the Empire. In Addition they are the house charged with the welfare of the entire race of Suplicants. House Dragon maitains that it the most vital house to the support of the Empire. The Fact that House Unicorn disagrees puts the house’s at odds on an almost daily basis.

The fact that it IS responsible for several hundred thousand fully adult super soldiers that are effectivly 5 years old lend what could be a very violent house an almost motherly feeling. They are VERY protective of their troops and will never commit to a battle that they are not sure of the least amount of casualties. That being said they will also commit overwhelming force to win a battle. It is not wise to wake the sleeping Dragon.

House Dragon is allied with House Griffon,House Swan and House Wolf And until recently with House Lion. But the expansion of House Lion’s influence in areas, which to that point, had been fully under control of the military has put a large strain on the relations between those houses.

House Dragon is a rival to House’s Leviathan, Raven, Stag, And especially House Unicorn.

Notable Personalities

Count John “The Brother”

Count Alan

Admiral Calahan

General Torrino

House Dragon

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