House Fox

House Fox is set by the Empress to handle dealing with all the less than savory intelligence gathering and the dealing with the more “un-enlightened” races in the empire. In practice this means house Fox deals with the New York humans and the Chinese on a daily basis. They are also in charge of all the demons and devils and other extra planer beings that come to the capitol city of Delphi to trade where they can be assured that their enemies powers can not effect them.

House Fox has a fairly bad reputation with the other houses as being tainted by its contacts and being less than honorable in it’s dealings with other houses. That being said House Fox is still a Fair Folk house and is commited to helping and healing all peoples as best it can. Sometimes it’s just better to ask forgivness than permission.

House Fox is ( loosely) allied with House Stag and House Pegasus and has many dealings with House Raven and House Leviathan.

House Fox is a rival to House’s Pheonix, Griffon, Swan,Serpant and of course House Lion.

Notable personalities

Lady Victoria

Sir Mychael

Earl Francis

Lord Rex

Sir Reginald

Sir Grayson

House Fox

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