House Phoenix

The Empress has charged House Phoenix with the healing of the empire. As such House Phoenix trains Doctors and lay healers throughout the forest. Skilled in both traditional methods and in the most advanced sciences The doctors of House Phoenix have built large hospitals in the major cities as well as teaching hospitals across the empire. House Phoenix members are almost universally loved by the populace they serve, and have taken special intrest in the race of Medusai, many of whom are trained by the house to be doctors themselves.

Perhaps the House most associated with the sense of nobility of the Fair Folk, the House tends to look down upon any other house that it deems treats the Fair Folk’s “charges” with less zeal than their own.

The House is Allied with House Stag,Lion,Leviathan, and House Serpant

House Pheonix is rivals with House’s Fox,Griffon,Pegasus,Scarab and House Wolf.

Notable Personalities

Duke Marley

Count George

Countess Catherine

1st Judge Ruthanne Alana Windfire

House Phoenix

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