House Scarab

House Scarab has been given charge of the infrastructure of the Empires cities and roads. The vast majority of their work is in dealing with the sewage that the human refugees put out. To put it bluntly, the Empire would drown in its own waste without this actions of this house. And House Scarab KNOWS it and will let anyone who will listen hear about it.

That being said House Scarab is emminantly practical. It will do precisely as much work as needed to get a job done, wasting nothing, and building to last for years. They are briliant enngineers and architects. And much of the beauty of the cities is due to them. ( much to the dismay of House Pegasus.)

House Scarab is allied with House Swan, House Leviathan, and House Lion. And does extensive work with House Stag in road building.

House Scarab is rivals with ( and annoyed by) House Fox, House Wolf, House Griffon ( cheapskates…) and House Pheonix. They have a special place of “attention” for House Pegasus who is always condescending about thier beautiful yet functional architechture.

Notable Personalities

Lord Alwynn (Husband to Princess Serena Roberts)

2nd Judge Karl

Lady Anne

Knight William

Sir Guy

House Scarab

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