House Stag

House Stag is tasked by Empress Ophilia the maintenance and oversight of all the farmlands in the empire and all of the gathering done from the millions of fruit and nut trees in the forest. The balence of feeding the empire without ruining the forest is the purview of this house. It is also resposible for the “re-education” of those caught by the Fair Folk ( Specifically House Lion) and their reintroduction to society. Most of the Fair Folk “prisons” are in fact forced labor farms run by the gentle House Stag.

House Stag is itself very concious of the mental presure to act without respect and terrorize it’s “charges” when they are in “prison”. A great effort has gone into training every member of House Stag to act with nobility and grace to all those poor unfortunates who it works with. This doesn’t mean House Stag are push overs. It’s very difficult to get away with anything when your jailer can read your mind. But House Stag’s forced politness is maddening to those humans under it’s “care”

House Stag has Allies in House Pheonix, House Fox, House Lion, House Griffon and House Swan. They also have many dealings with House Scarab.

House Stag is rivals with House’s Dragon, Raven, Leviathan, and House Unicorn

Notable Personalities

Lady Mary

Alfred “The Bastard”

Lord Arthur

Sheriff Montrose

Constable Maria Susanna Whitelily

House Stag

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