House Swan

House Swan is charged with exploration and with the maintenence of the “Ships of the Line” that will be an attack force if such is ever needed by the Empire. The Empress gives the House wide latitude far from the shores of the Tree of Life. And so far that trust has not been abused.

House Swan is the house that is exposed to the most diverse other cultures. As such it considers all the other houses a bit provencial. It was House Swan that introduced the Fae Armada to the Tree of Life. The Armada and House Swan still retain close ties and have many cross training opportunities for both the elves and the Members of the House. It is the opinion of many other houses that the ties are FAR too close between House Swan and the Fae Armada.

House Swan is Allied with House Stag,House Serpant, House Dragon,House Leviathan and House Scarab.

House Swan has rivals in House’s Wolf, Griffon, Lion, Fox, And intrestingly House Pegasus.

Notable Personalities

Thomas " The Pretender"

Sir Drew

Earl Duncan

Lord Danden of Dandenhold

House Swan

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