House Unicorn

House Unicorn is in charge of the security of the Royal family, their attendant gods, and the capitol city. They are led by Delia who is House Unicorn’s eldest General. Besides having all the benefits of being one of the Fair Folk, all members of House Unicorn also have amazing abilities of shape shifting. Quite literally they can be anyone you meet on the streets of the capitol.

House Unicorn has the ear of the Empress and thus most other house’s are jealous of that level of direct access to power. However House Unicorn almost never questions what other house’s are doing.The two major exceptions have been stepping in when House Dragon decides that a group of “enemies” need to be delt with and House Unicorn stops them from a well planned attack. And With House Stag when they plan to release a"re-educated" prisoner that House Unicorn deems too dangerous to release.

House Unicorn’s allies are House Raven,House Fox, and House Wolf

House Unicorn’s Rivals are House Dragon, House Stag, and House Serpant. And to a lesser extent every other house.

House Unicorn

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