Playable Races

Here are a list of available Player Races/cultures. I’ll be adding more info on each as we go.

The Area is under the control of Fair Folk An NPC race.

The “Fair Folk” Perfect,Beautiful, Noble, and Infuriating rulers of this place. They have “perfect” physical attributes (IE 20 in Str, Dex, Con, Cha,Int,and Wis) and are minorly Telepathic. They most always hit what they aim at and are frighteningly good at anything they put their minds to. There are 12 “houses” they are devided into that compete with each other for the attention of the Empress and her court. They also have the right to act as Judge and Jury to all other races.

Players can play: (inside the ()is what they will be modeled after)


The Apatche. These were also brought here by magic,but they took great offense. They raid and live on the outskirts of the empire hunting and raiding (mainly Ebon) towns.

Callix (githyanki, with self only leap, but as an at will power)

The Callix, Rabbit People. Are forigners here. They have set up their burrows in hidden places and intend to colonize Arbor.


The Cherokee. Brought here by great magic to avoid the “Trail of Tears”. They live in the forest and work closely with the Delphan elves in protecting the trees.


The Chinese. Once again brought here by magic. They live in slums in the great Fair Folk cities, much to the chagrine of the “Fair People”. But gradually things are improving as the noble “Fair Folk” Step in and alleviate some of the more “unfair” customs. This of course makes many Chinese terribly angry.

Delphan Elves (“Drow”)

The Delphan Elves. Matriarchial Dark elves that live in the branches of the forest. Many trees here contain the spirits of their ancestors. ( What do you get if you combine Necromancy with Druidism?) The Delphan’s are ancestor worshipers.They are noctournal ,very wise,pre-cognitive and very magical. It is said they guard the forest at night for the Empress and are given wide latitude for that service.


The Dwarves. Yup! Good ol’ dwarves except this is the place where dwarves go when they die.

They mine under the forest. And since they are already dead they can’t really die. Basically they have “the “bind” your soul to an area and when you die you end up back at that point” power.


The “Ebon”. These are black humans. They migrated here as freed slaves from an alternate earth. They farm and ranch and are very educated and civilized. They get along very well with the “Fair Folk”


The Eladrin (The Fae Armada) Came to the forest called by the spirit of the trees and the Tree of Life in particular. They have vowed to defend the forest and the Empress has accepted their protection. Kind of like if Starfleet decided to protect a world. The Eladrin will not interfere but only act to preserve from outside forces. All the eladrin here view themselves in a military type of unit subject to orders from higher ups.

Furre (Gnome Pkg in 4th ed & Must take “Poison inured” Feat and have at least 13 Con.)

Noble and loyal warriors dedicated to the rulers of The Arbor. These little Ratmen seek to promote the glory and honor of the forest. They began in another world but migrated here in droves to be with their gods. They place a great value on chivalry.


Kymelians ( Eladrin but with the Dragonborn “breath” weapon and required 8 con.)

The Kymelian. Pretty, petite, pastel pony People. With Big eyes, Long lashs, Long beautiful manes and tails,and poison spit and sharp teeth. They have a very complex social structure where every individual competes with members of his or her sex for status. Always looking to “get ahead” of the other Kymelians. These Bipedial ponys are telepathic, many can Teleport short distances, and as I said have a poison spit.

Medusai (dragonborn, mostly, just with the “breath” as an at will. Yes, they have the medusa stoning power.)

Cultured and graceful. The Medusai come from a center of learning and healing under the Tree of Life. They can be fierce warriors but tend more toward the healing arts.


New Yorkers

The New Yorkers. Imagine a neighborhood or two from “Gangs of New York” Dropped whole cloth into Farie. There ya go. Humans from New York ,1890 transplanted against their will here. A very small minority compared to the other human races and looked down upon by them and looked on with suspicion by the “Fair Folk”

Sphinx (Genesai, with the windwalker power)

Beautiful catlike sphinxes, They are creatures of the air. And they still have the catlike penchant for the hunt. that being said they are cultured and excel at magic and learning.

Suplicants (Goliath, but start at 2nd lvl.Improved initiative and toughness feats. Also Int and Wis must be no higher 10 or 8 respectivly.)

The Suplicants. Big powerful short lived warriors. They are designed for battle very strong, very fast, very tough. ( Think the replicants in “blade runner”) They aren’t stupid, but are looked down upon for being gullible. They are mature at 4 years old but still only have a 4yr olds life experience. The “Fair Folk” took them in to “protect” the poor suplicants and now the Suplicants are the empires shock troops.

Playable Races

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