The Empire that rules at the base of the Tree of Life, known as Yggdrasil, Is a land of deep forests and ancient magic.

First off the world is flat.

Your not a a planet. You are on an infinite (people think) plain with the Tree of Life in the center.

The Tree dominates everything here. It is a full 100 miles in diameter with root structures reaching out as much as two hundred miles out. The “roots” are large enough to BE mountains and have their own snow cover and “forests” of Feeder sprouts growing in the root slopes. The roots grow out into the ocean ( which is fresh water) forming natural deep water bays. The capitol city of Delphi is set in one of these. Surrounding the Tree of Life is the forest of Arbor. Roughly in a circle around the Tree, reaching 400 to 500 miles from the trunk.

The “Blessed” people rule here in their twelve Houses which are in turn ruled by Empress Ophilia And her Husband Prince Wilhelm .